Hamas’ “Victim Narrative” in Action

The Double Disgrace of Hamas: Victimizing their own People

I have written repeatedly here about demopaths, people who invoke human rights and other civic values in order to protect themselves, even as they aim at destroying the human rights of others. “Using democracy to destroy democracy.” Among the many practitioners of demopathy — a thriving industry in the early 21st century — are the Palestinians, who have made an identity out of being the “human rights” victims, even as they try and destroy the human rights of Jews. Indeed, their commitment to accusing Israelis of violating their human rights has driven them to victimize themselves in order to attack Israel for their suffering. Indeed, as the black humor goes, for Palestinians, when an Israeli civilian is hit, it’s a cause for celebration; when a Palestinian civilian is hit, it’s even better. Nothing drives the mill of Palestinian grievance more than dead Palestinians, as long as Israel can be blamed.

The latest, and most horrific example comes from the current conflict.

For a good example of current righteous indignation of Palestinian “Human Rights” Advocates, see the article by Electronic Intifada founder Ali Abunima, who complains bitterly about an Israeli who celebrates the actions of the IAF. Indeed, the pages of Electronic Intifada are filled with the cry of human rights (of Palestinians) violated, by Israel. When it’s violations by Palestinians, including Hamas, they fall silent.

In reading the following article, note that Gazan medical authorities complain repeatedly to the Western media of having too many wounded and not enough medical supplies. Apparently the complaint is more valuable than the relief, which awaits at the Egyptian border.

Egypt says Hamas not allowing wounded to leave Gaza
by Samer al-Atrush – Sun Dec 28, 5:15 am ET
afp photo of injurd pn
AFP – An injured Palestinian man lies on the ground outside the Hamas police headquarters in Gaza City following …

RAFAH, Egypt (AFP) – Egypt on Sunday blamed Hamas for not letting hundreds of Palestinians wounded by Israeli air strikes leave the Gaza Strip for treatment, with dozens of empty ambulances waiting on the border.

More than 270 Palestinians have been killed and 600 wounded since Israel began hammering the Gaza Strip with air strikes on Saturday, but no wounded have yet left via Rafah, the Hamas-ruled territory’s only Arab border crossing.

“No one has come in, we don’t know why they’re closed on the other side,” a senior border security official told AFP. Several plane- and truck-loads of aid are also waiting to be allowed into the Gaza Strip, a security official said.

“The wounded are barred from crossing” into Egypt, Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit said in Cairo, blaming “those who control Gaza. We are waiting for the wounded to cross.”

In the divided town of Rafah, the road leading to the border crossing was lined with 20 riot police vehicles, an AFP correspondent reported, with 40 ambulances and several pick-ups full of medicine waiting to cross into Gaza.

“We are preparing a list of casualties. There are just so many dead and injured,” Dr Mouneer al-Borsh from the Hamas-run health ministry told AFP at the border.

He had arrived at the border with a ministry truck and was waiting to take medical supplies into Gaza.
Asked when the wounded would arrive at the border, Borsh said: “I don’t know when. I can’t say.”

An Egyptian medic said that “sometimes they (Hamas) say they’re going to bring people, sometimes they say they’re not going to bring people. Now they say they want medical supplies for the wounded.”

Gaza has been crippled by an Israeli blockade of all but the most essential supplies, with even basic medicines lacking in the impoverished territory. But no emergency medical aid entered on Sunday.

A security official said that an Egyptian plane with 50 doctors on board as well as medical supplies had arrived in nearby El-Arish. Two Qatari aircraft carrying 50 tonnes of medical supplies were waiting at the same airport.

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah has also ordered three planeloads of medical aid to the Gaza Strip via Egypt, MENA said, and offered to airlift the wounded.

“The Rafah border crossing was opened by the Egyptians yesterday, but no Hamas people showed up” on the other side, an Israeli military spokesman said.

Too proud to accept help from despised neighbors? Too attached to victim status to get relief? Too incompetent to take care of their own wounded? Too obsessed with revenge? What can explain such behavior?

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