I am Mark Brown. Sax player, piano tuner, social worker, father, brother, son, man-about-town. I was an English major in undergrad school—hence, my posts on comedy and poetry. I live in Northbrook, Illinois, and earn my money tuning pianos mostly, though I have been known to make a few pennies from music performance and the practice of Social Work.

My son, Ari, is a middle school band director, and my daughter, Abby, is a graduate student in School Social Work. Their Mom, Debbie, is a public school teacher. The kids seemed to find callings in that which was in the air in our family. Who knew at the time? Well, Ari did signal us with his love of trumpet that that was in his future, and in first or second grade Abby won a classroom award in helping other students. So there it was…!

I live in an unusual six-sided dwelling which comes to a point around the chimney, with no central support beam. I call it my “yurt” because it reminds me of one of those Tibetan felt-walled, six-sided, centrally unsupported nomadic dwellings. It charms me especially because of the feeling of space engendered by the very tall spire.

My blog title, TunefulTurning, a phrase which I found (and altered) in Dylan Thomas’ poem Fern Hill, combines powerfully some fragments of language that said much to me about what life is, or can be.


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  1. Thank you for your comment, Mark. I appreciate it.

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